Maven Setup and Installation on Windows


Maven Setup and Installation on Windows OS

Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects, so you must have Java installed in order to proceed.

Prerequisites :-

JDK must be installed and “JAVA_HOME” variable should be added as a Windows environment variable. (Link to Install and setup Java )

Download Maven:-

Link to Download Maven


After successful download, unzip to the downloaded folder at your desired location. e.g.  C:\apache-maven-3.3.3

How to setup Maven environment variables and their path?

Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System –> Click on Advance System Settings –> Click on Environment Variables

Go to System Variables –> Click on New


  1. M2_HOME: C:\apache-maven-3.3.3


  2. MAVEN_HOME: C:\apache-maven-3.3.3

    MAven Home1

Add to Path:-

Update Path variable in Environment Variables

In path variable put   “C:\apache-maven-3.3.3\bin;

Verify Maven Installation:-

Open Command Prompt and type mvn -version command and it will display the installed maven into your system.

mvn –version

Maven Version


Steps to Compile, Clean and Run Maven Project using Command Prompt

The command to Clean Maven Project:-

mvn clean

mvn Clean

Command to Compile Maven Project:-

mvn compile
Mvn Compile

Command to Run Maven Project:-

mvn test
mvn test

Command to Run Maven Project using Parameters:-

mvn test -Denv = QA -Dver=v12

  mvn parameters 

How to install Maven Plugin in Eclipse?


  • Launch Eclipse IDE
  • Click  on Help
  • Click on Install New Software
  • Click Add button at top right corner
  • Enter “Add Repository Name” as “Maven
  • Enter “Location” as
  • Click on OK
  • It will download Maven Integration PluginMaven e 3
  • Click on Select All and click on Next
  • Accept License and Click on Finish
  • Restart Eclipse

After successful installation performs the followings steps in Eclipse:-

  1. Go to Window –> Preferences
  2. Observe, Maven is enlisted at left panel

Convert Java Project into Maven:-

  1. Click on an existing project
  2. Select Configure -> Convert to Maven Project





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