Difference between GET and POST Method

  Difference between GET and POST Method   GET and POST are HTTP verbs used to query the server for some information.Both can be used to achieve same goal but incorrect choice of HTTP verbs may lead to unexpected outcomes.   GET is a read-only operation which can be used for safe actions. It can Read more about Difference between GET and POST Method[…]

REST Assured API Test Automation

What is REST Assured? REST Assured is a Java library for validation of REST web services. It offers a friendly DSL (Domain specific Languages) that describes a connection to an HTTP endpoint and with their expected results. In REST Assured testing, we send a network request to our application, get a response back and compare Read more about REST Assured API Test Automation[…]

How to Automate Rest API Test Cases ?

Why API Automation? Below are few points which invokes us to start API Automation:- Testing of manual tests takes far longer than just executing them via automation. The UI is one of the least stable interfaces of rapid changing Web/App Ecosystem, so we can start automating API’s to test the backend functionality. Maintenance of the Read more about How to Automate Rest API Test Cases ?[…]