Difference between REST and SOAP

Difference between REST and SOAP In this post, we’ll differentiate REST and SOAP . REST : REST is an architectural style, unlike SOAP which is a standardized protocol. REST makes use of existing and widely adopted technologies, specifically HTTP, and does not create any new standards. REST is very data-driven, compared to SOAP, which is Read more about Difference between REST and SOAP[…]

REST Web Services

REST Web Services REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. It was created in 2000 by Roy Fielding in UC, Irvine. It is an architectural style, and an approach to communications that is often used in the development of Web services. It’s an arrangement of functions on which the testers performs requests and receive responses. In REST Read more about REST Web Services[…]

HTTP Status Codes and their Responses

  HTTP Status Codes and their Responses A status code is a piece of information returned by a web server in the HTTP response headers, after receiving a request for a file. HTTP response status codes indicate whether a specific HTTP request has been successfully completed or not. Responses are grouped in five classes. The first digit Read more about HTTP Status Codes and their Responses[…]

REST Assured API Test Automation

What is REST Assured? REST Assured is a Java library for validation of REST web services. It offers a friendly DSL (Domain specific Languages) that describes a connection to an HTTP endpoint and with their expected results. In REST Assured testing, we send a network request to our application, get a response back and compare Read more about REST Assured API Test Automation[…]

How to Automate Rest API Test Cases ?

Why API Automation? Below are few points which invokes us to start API Automation:- Testing of manual tests takes far longer than just executing them via automation. The UI is one of the least stable interfaces of rapid changing Web/App Ecosystem, so we can start automating API’s to test the backend functionality. Maintenance of the Read more about How to Automate Rest API Test Cases ?[…]

How to Manually test REST API’s?

How to Manually test REST API’s? What is API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a software to software interface, not a user interface. With APIs, applications converse with each other with no client learning or intervention. It can be executed by composing capacity brings in the system. API Workflow Example What is Read more about How to Manually test REST API’s?[…]