HTML Reporting using Extent Reporting

HTML Reporting using Extent Reporting   As an automation test engineer are supposed to test the application, find bugs and report it to the team in such a manner that they can easily understand the execution result. The importance of Reporting: In automation testing importance of reporting is so high.Reporting format varies from stage to Read more about HTML Reporting using Extent Reporting[…]

Ranorex:Image Based Automation Technique

Ranorex:Image Based Automation Technique Image Based Automation Technique Using Ranorex to Automate a Web Page using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Text.RegularExpressions; using System.Drawing; using System.Threading; using WinForms = System.Windows.Forms; using Ranorex; using Ranorex.Core; using Ranorex.Core.Testing; using Ranorex.Controls; namespace superstar { public partial class ImageComparision { private void Init() { //Open Browser Host.Local.OpenBrowser(““,”firefox.exe”); Delay.Seconds(15);  //Static wait Read more about Ranorex:Image Based Automation Technique[…]