June 5, 2016


Steps to setup Protractor on Windows Machine

Java must be installed on the system.
Install npm
Steps to install npm:-
1.)Download the Windows installer from the Nodes.js® website. Download Node for Windows

2.)Download the recommended one.

Node Downloads
3.)Run the downloaded.msi.
4.)Follow the prompts in the installer (Accept the license agreement, click the NEXT    button a bunch of times and accept the default installation settings).

Validate the Installation of npm:-
Check that whether npm is installed properly or not. For this, we have to use below-mentioned steps.

Steps to validate npm installation:-
1.)Open Command Prompt
2.)Type npm –version
3.)Press “Enter” button
Node version checkup
Install Protractor:-

Steps to install Protractor:-
1.)Open Command Prompt
2.)Type npm install –g protractor
3.)Press “Enter” button.

cmd to install orotractor

Install Jasmine
Steps to install Jasmine:-
1.)Open Command Prompt
2.)Type npm install -g jasmine
3.)Press “Enter” button

Install Jasmine

Download Link & Install WebStorm(Recommended) for Angular & Node apps
Start a new Angular project

Links to setup Protractor for Mobile Web Automation


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